CAKE Literary cofounders Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton come from surprisingly different backgrounds. Still, when they met on the first day of their first class at the New School’s Writing for Children program, they hit it off immediately, bonding over The Vampire Diaries, Patsy’s pepperoni pizza, and, perhaps most importantly, impassioned discussions about the lack of diversity in books for kids and teens. While sharing their works-in-progress over the course of earning their MFAs, the two writers quickly realized that the literary chemistry between them was something special. CAKE Literary was born of their frequent chats about the books they loved and the craft of writing (usually with a side of cake). The pair decided that, together, they would focus on the kinds of stories they wished were on the shelves – stories that come in all flavors. CAKE is committed to creating delicious and diverse concepts for middle grade, teen and women’s fiction readers. We believe that crafting a good read is like baking a great cake – rich, decadent flavor with a healthy dose of heart. Because we’re so not vanilla!